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In the company registration office of the whole country with the registration number of Goal Food of Atlas Noavaran Barthava Production Company with trade name
67314 and national ID 14008168576 with many experiences and cooperation of specialists and graduates of agricultural sciences
It is engaged in the production and packaging of quality and organic products


This plant has a high nutritional value and is effective in treating diseases. Saffron is used to reducing fat and blood cholesterol. Saffron is also a natural sedative. It also prevents many diseases such as cancer and heart diseases and strengthens memory. It is also used to lower blood pressure
Skin health and beauty:
According to scientists, it can be very useful for removing skin blemishes and brightening the skin
Prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s:
Saffron increases concentration and is very effective in preventing Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases such

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گلفود صادرکننده مواد غذایی
آزمایشگاه گلفود

Quality Control

The company uses the most equipped laboratory quality control devices of saffron specialists, which are equipped with technology

And ultra-modern facilities based on international standards and standards 1-259 and 2-259 saffron grading in Iran is action and attempt to produce and use special and microbial tests to control non-contamination and ensure the health of saffron and use the device Spectrophotometry at wavelengths of 257, 330 and 430 nm is performed to test the amount of moisture, ash, and natural color strength during the production process and the packaging process and afterward by experts.

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